This series is the most experimental perfume. The collision of scents. A contrast between the two components that we could never have encountered. Timing is very important to fully discover these scents. (Especially RADISH x VETIVER) The scent of the top note “SOIL / EARTH” is slightly weakened and it takes a long time for the wooden / vetiver dry midnote to sublimate this perfume.















The dazzling fusion of organics and minerals, freshness and extinction,  the amazing explosion of green energy,  the creation of the ultimate green fragrance.  The dazzling fusion of organics and minerals,  freshness and extinction, the amazing explosion of green energy,  the creation of the ultimate green fragrance. The energy of the green blows through like a gust of wind. It evokes the lively freshness of nature. It is a fusion of lush green notebook and gunpowder.











Concrete exists everywhere in the cityscape, and as a matter of course. However, it has been given a different meaning as one of the new realms of perfume, which is incomparable with concrete here. The mediocrity is considered to be precious, and it overturns people’s notion of “normality”. The versatile material found an unexpected shape. In the quest for destruction, creation and creation, CONCRETE is a fragrance that skillfully overturns our preconceptions about materials and opens up new paths.














Yoyogi is Central Park in Tokyo. The office and store of Monocle Japan are nearby. A personal story about Monocle Magazine founder Tyler Brûlé running around Yoyogi Park in the morning.











PARFUMS product by British creative magazine “MONOCLE” and Comme des Garcons. A scent of cypress that is inspired by a Japanese inn in Kyoto. The soothing notes of cypress remind us of the woody scent of a forest surrounded by wild trees and moss.












It is a combination of aromas of trees and plants that overflows with richness. I pushed the WOODY notebook to the front and imagined the world wandering in the forest.





1. SERIES 10 CLASH / 7,000- (+tax) ※30ml

2. AMAZINGREEN EAU DE PARFUM / 14,000- (+tax) ※100ml

3. CONCRETE / 17,500- (+tax) ※100ml

4. MONOCLE YOYOGI / 13,000- (+tax) ※50ml

5. MONOCLE 01 HINOKI EAU DE TOILETTE / 13,000- (+tax) ※50ml
MONOCLE 03 SUGI EAU DE TOILETTE / 13,000- (+tax) ※50ml

6. WONDERWOOD EAU DE PARFUM / 14,000- (+tax) ※100ml

■ AMAZINGREEN & WONDERWOOD 50ml / 11,000- (+tax)



日々新作のお問い合わせを沢山いただきまして、誠にありがとうございます。 今日は、お客様にお願いがございます。 時々「メールの返信がありません。」というご連絡を頂くことがございます。 Chum!では商品の在庫の有無に関わらず、お問合せ頂きましたすべてのお客様に当日(時間外・店休日の場合は翌日。)必ずお返事させて頂いております。 万が一メールの返信がない場合は、お客様のメール設定、メールの不具合もしくは迷惑フォルダーに入っている可能性がございます。 今一度ご確認頂き、メールが届いていない場合は、お手数ですが店舗にお電話いただきますようよろしくお願い申し上げます。


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